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My boots are made for shopping


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This post won’t be terribly long, I just needed to get my blog fix.  My wedding is in 16 days!! I will be able to post some of the wedding decorations after the wedding as well, maybe give you some cheap ideas.  The images above are of a dress and cowboy boots that I found at thrift stores.  The boots I found at a Goodwill in New York City.  I went to visit a close friend of mine named, Brooke.  She was there for a college internship and once my spring break rolled around I was ecstatic to go visit her.  Brooke had never gone to a thrift store before, what a better place then to experience the finest of fine New York thrift stores.  Those boots were designed by Jessica Simpson and were maybe $14, it would have been silly for me not to pick them up.  The dress I bought for a thrift store in the Midwest.  In the fall and spring I pair that dress with a jean jacket and the boots.

Tip #4: Jackets/Suit Jackets are one of the essentials.

Jackets and Suit Jackets can be very expensive, however, they really do help dress an outfit up.  Typically thrift stores have gobs of jackets and at Goodwill they are $4.00 and at Salvation Army, they vary but are most likely cheaper than Goodwill.  If you go to Goodwill on a weekend when they are offering %50 off, jackets are a MUST stop item, when are you ever going to find a jacket for $2.00?

This weekend Northeast Indiana’s Goodwill Stores are offering %50 off! Get to scooting.


Goodwill Sale Dates


This weekend I am going to a wedding and I was hoping to find a dress for a good deal at Goodwill.  I then googled” Goodwill Sale days Fort Wayne” and found this link for Northeast Indiana Goodwill’s Sale days.

Now you have NO excuses… Check out Goodwill’s on their sale days



Tip #3 Want to feel an extreme boost of confidence?  Go to an auction, bid (only on things you like) and win.

On Monday afternoon/evenings there are auctions held in New Haven, IN.  My Fiance, Mikey, called me and told me he saw a great table and chair set at this flee market in New Haven.  Mikey has never been to a good old fashion red neck auction, which is perfect, lucky for me I grew up going to auctions every weekend.  The table and chairs are shown in the pictures above and I bet you can’t guess how much I got them for?? $30.  I will post a picture of what it looks like after we paint it, but I was thrilled to have won it that cheap.  I also spotted a cabinet that I thought had amazing structure and since I was waiting for my future-father-in-law to pick up the table and chairs for me I decided I would move right along with the auctioneer and bid on it too.  Again, I think you will be shocked at how cheap I got this vintage solid wood cabinet?  $2.50! I’m serious! I warn you now when you win something that is that beautiful and that cheap you will need someone to pop your big-head because I felt awesome.  I have cleaned it up since this photo was taken and I will post a before and after blog once we paint it again giving you the total price.  I hope you feel inspired to go to an auction.  The first time might be intimidating, but I assure you I can answer any questions you may have.

Once you arrive to an auction you first need to register and get a number, this process is free, they take down your address and make sure you are who you say you are, LET THE BIDDING BEGIN!  Once you have your number then scope out the place for any gold items you might want to bid on.  After you have identified the items you are interested in you wait (patiently, sometimes this process is forever long) and once the auctioneer approaches your item (make sure you know she/he is auctioning off the right thing) and then bid.

Just a couple things about auctions:

You don’t have to start bidding at the first number the Auctioneer throws out, for example the Auctioneer started the cabinet at $15.  He will gradually go down until someone starts bidding, that is how I got it for $2.50.

This process happens really quickly so if you get overwhelmed easily, I would suggest watching the process go down.  Stay calm.

A hillbilly auction (which is where you will find awesome things extremely cheap) is not like the movie auctions, the auctioneer will make eye contact with you to know you are bidding on something, I promise when you scratch your nose you won’t be bidding for an item accidentally.


GOOD LUCK and Go get ’em.