The adventures of Goodwill OUTLETS


December 3rd I rode to Indianapolis with my husband and a few of our fellow Young Life leaders.  I decided I would go to the Goodwill Outlet while they were at their meeting.  I had about 4 hours to spare, which for me is hardly enough time to accomplish, so I dropped them off and headed to Goodwill Outlet.  There are 3 in Indianapolis and if you ever get the chance PLEASE try it.  First I’ll tell you what I got and then I’ll explain everything you need to know before going to a Goodwill Outlet, cause let me tell you, it is a different experience than a regular Goodwill.  The two pictures at the top of the screen are two of my finds and I will have many more outfits with pictures.  I ended up with two big bags filled with clothing, a book, and an antique hair dryer all for $7.42.

As you walk into the warehouse there are these huge tubes on wheels, there are probably 75-100 of these tubes all over the warehouse floor.  They each are suppose to have a categorized item in them, however, because people are all over the place random things will be in the tubes.  I head into the warehouse and grab one of the few carts left and just start looking around.  I look through the clothes and mosey my way over to the shoes.  Might I suggest taking some sort of gloves to look through these items, things are NOT clean, nor do they claim to be relatively clean.

Here’s what happens at an Outlet:

Every 2 hours the old tubes are moved out and new tubes then are brought out immediately, they usually bunch the tubes in rows of 6 and once all 6 are in place, that particular section is open for searching.  They then move in and out 6 more and so on.  It is literally madness because there are so many people in there searching through the same things.  I pushed my cart over to the side of the building and put a blanket over it (I copied this from other people) this means that the cart is in use and no one touches it.  Since I pushed my cart over to the side I was able to squeeze in and out of people much quicker.  Some downers to this beautiful experience is that shoes are virtually impossible to find the match unless they are rubber banded together, it’s a sad story, but you will probably not find the other shoe.  Which was really sad for me because I found a size 9 pump heel, never been warn from Target….. and then couldn’t find her soul mate.

Clothes are $0.49/lb., and when I was there it was %50 off the total cost, completely worth me going.

I felt kind of guilty because I didn’t find much for Mikey so I decided I would go to the regular Goodwill right down the street and look through the men’s clothing because it was %50 off as well.  I still ended up finding more for me than for him.  I found 2 nice dresses from Target (never been worn), a long sleeve shirt for Mikey and a pair for shorts for me.  I was thrilled with my trip down to Indy and will probably do it next month if it is a %50 off weekend.  I know it seems crazy and potentially overwhelming, but seriously read through these blogs, I will tell you everything you could possibly need to know before you head out on your adventure.  Happy shopping.

We finally got Mikey’s camera from his parent’s house so I will be able to take a semi better quality picture of outfits.


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