Salvage Style – Feat. Kent & Tammy Myers


Someday I will have time to post something new everyday, but for now I am going to have to find peace with posting when I can.

Recently my Dad sent me a picture of a project he was working on.  He called it ‘Salvage Style’ and I was reminded what makes me, me!  My parents taught me a lot but two major characteristics stand out, that both my Mom and Dad contributed to the make-up of me, and those being; creative and resourceful.  I can remember several times that my mom would bring home a picture of something and my dad would construct her dream project into a reality.  Depending on how large the project was, my dad, often was able to use scrape wood or used items finding them anywhere and everywhere.

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‘Salvage Style’ was found from the Magazine This Old House.

This project materials are:

A pulley ($10-$12)

Sisal Rope (Typically bought in bulk, 50ft=$9)

Wiring (Had on hand) – This is very typical of my dad, he has a detached garage that he works in with everything you can imagine, we have spent many wonderful hours working on projects together.

Light Socket ($4)

My heart swells up when I talk about my Dad because his handyman skills and captivating personality are the perfect mix.  He is patient and answers all of my badgering questions, and let me tell you I ask A LOT of questions.  I am a child soaking in all of his craftsman knowledge and wisdom.

If you are interested in finding DIY projects here are a couple resources that my dad and I have used in the past; (under the DIY tab)

Have fun searching for YOUR next project.


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  1. Thank You Hilary
    Kinder words could not have been spoken I miss all those times
    my heart swells too whenever I think of all the times we’ve spent
    working on projects together Love Ya Dad.